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VAT and Outsourced Accounting

Need an expert to outsource accounting or VAT function of your organization? 

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Outsourced part-time accounting (onsite/online)

We offer expert advice on the setup and operations of your accounting function. Our staff provides outsourced accounting services to different clients across the region. Outsourced accounting can be onsite or online.

Onsite outsourced accounting – our staff visits your premises, collect necessary accounting information from you or your designated person and perform accounting and share requested reports on a monthly basis.

Online accounting – as the name suggests, you email us accounting information on a monthly basis i.e., sales, purchase, expenses invoices and bank statement on a monthly basis. We perform accounting data entry, prepare management reports and email it to you. This option is cheaper compared to onsite outsourced accounting.

What you get:

Profit and loss statement, balance sheet, accounts receivable report, accounts payable report, inventory report etc.

Accounting review

You can hire professional people to review your books of accounts on a periodic basis i.e., monthly/quarterly basis to provide you’re a form of written feedback on the level of accuracy of accounts and suggest improvements by identifying errors. This is a great help to those clients where they have hired a junior-level staff to manage their day-to-day accounts. This approach also helps to identify the indicators of fraud (if any).

What you get:

We provide you with rectified accounting reports with a written report on errors with suggestions for improvement.

VAT return filing

We help you file quarterly VAT returns at end of every quarter within the deadlines set by FTA. VAT filing is a very important element of statutory compliance for any company. We make sure we address all legal and technical requirements in compliance with VAT laws and regulations. Incorrect VAT filing by a person not fully aware of VAT laws could lead to non-compliance and result in penalties by FTA.

What you get:

Quarterly VAT return excel file with detailed calculations & explanations and VAT return online submission.

VAT refund from FTA

Sometimes an entity may end up in a refund position when their taxable expenses exceed their taxable income. This results in a surplus position of VAT on the FTA portal. You can either adjust this surplus against future VAT liabilities or apply to get this amount refunded from FTA in cash. It is very important for a person applying for such a refund to have a sound understanding of the procedure and related laws and provisions. In absence of VAT laws and requirements, there is a risk that the refund request may be rejected. You can hire our experts to get the refund in a minimum timeframe.

What you get:

Cash refund from FTA in your designated bank account.

VAT registration

As per the requirement of FTA, if taxable supplies of an entity exceed AED 375,000 in the last 12 months, it becomes mandatory to apply for tax registration and get a tax registration number (TRN) within 20 days of meeting such threshold limit. Failure to register for VAT could lead to hefty penalties from FTA.


What you get:

We can help you register with FTA within the deadline set by FTA and get you a tax registration certificate.

VAT de-registration

When an entity’s taxable supplies fall below AED 187,500 within the last 12 months, it is required to get it de-registered from FTA within 10 days of falling below the threshold limit.


What you get:

A VAT de-registration certificate.


VAT audit 

As per provisions of FTA Decree-law number 8 and its Executive Regulations, FTA may conduct surprise or prescheduled visits to your premises and review VAT and accounting information for a compliance check. We can help you avoid any un-favorable observations and financial penalties by FTA as a result of such audit by performing a comprehensive VAT audit of your accounts and prior VAT returns. We can also help to rectify previously submitted VAT returns.


What you get:

A detailed VAT audit observation report with suggestions for areas of improvement and identifying risks.

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