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Approved Auditors

Approved Auditors is brand name of a professional audit firm in Dubai having a presence in various states of UAE and UK. We offer a wide range of Financial, Auditing, and Certification Services across the region. We are registered with major financial institutions, Commercial Banks, Free Zone Authorities, and Government Authorities. We value dedication, timeline, professional approach towards addressing your requirements without compromising on principles of integrity, impartiality, objectivity, IAS and IFRSs

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Our Services

Audit and Assurance

The audit is the process of evaluating the accounting entries present in the financial statement of the company. The audit checks the accuracy of the financial reports. Assurance is the process of analyzing and used in the assessment of accounting entries and financial records. as a result of an audit, the Auditor issues audited financial statements that include a balance sheet, income statement, a statement of cash flow, statement of changes in equity, and notes to the accounts stating details and legal disclosures on the company financial affairs.

Review of Accounts

We offer "independant reivew of accounts". Our skilled accountants will review your accounting information and records and will issue a review report that will highlight errors, issues, risks, gaps and completeness issues in your accounting reports. Our years of experience brings expertise that can help add value to your accountng reporting process and internal controls. The reivew report will include recommendations taht will highlight not only mistakes in your accounting reports but also highlith indicators of risks and fraud as and where applicable. This reivew helps you to sucessfuly comply with organization policies, procedures, legal obligations i.e. VAT and accounting obligations i.e. IFRs and IASs. 

Company Liquidation Services

Liquidation implies that the business is not able to pay its debts will cease to operate generally as a result of financial problems. It may be as a result of a legal court decision, by request of the creditors, or the company voluntarily shuts down its operations and shareholders decide to get the company liquidated.

Liquidation is a long and hectic process with multiple legal and administrative steps to be followed and carefully completed. The process of liquidation in the Mainland is different from that of a Free Zone company. We have drafted a comprehensive checklist to smoothly carry out the process and complete the windup in an accurate and timely manner.

Company Setup

The UAE introduced a corporate tax (CT) in 2023, with a rate of 9% on all annual taxable profits above AED 375,000. This new tax applies to all juridical taxable persons, established in the UAE or established out of the UAE but controlled and managed from UAE. The introduction of CT is a significant change for businesses in the UAE, and it is important for businesses to understand their CT obligations and to comply with the law.

This landing page will provide you with the information you need to understand and comply with UAE corporate tax. We will cover topics such as:

  • The CT law and regulations

  • Your CT obligations

  • How to file your CT returns

  • How to take advantage of deductions and credits

Our Affiliates

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We offer company accounts auditing, company license cancellation, company formation services in the mainland and Free Zones in UAE. 

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